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Working for us in Olympia

My goal in serving our region is to effectively advocate for Eastern Washington values and interests in the Legislature. I have demonstrated my ability to build relationships and work well with members of the majority party. One of my first priorities, within weeks of taking office, was to bring remote testimony to the House committee system. I worked with fellow freshman Rep. Jared Mead and, together, as the youngest members of our respective caucuses, introduced a bipartisan resolution to begin remote testimony to House. This is one way I've worked to make public input accessible in Eastern Washington. 

I also co-founded the Bipartisan Working Group. This provides Republican and Democratic legislators a chance to come together for the sole purpose of putting party aside and working together in a setting conducive to open and honest policy discussion. 
It has been my honor to serve us over the last four years. I hope to have your support as I continue to work for our region in a collaborative and productive fashion. 

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