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Endorsed by Senator Walsh and Representatives Nealey and Jenkin


Endorsed by Washington Secretary of State Kim Wyman and State Treasurer Duane Davidson


Kim Wyman, Secretary of State

Duane Davidson, Washington State Treasurer

Senator Maureen Walsh, 16th District

Representative Terry Nealey, 16th District

Representative Bill Jenkin, 16th District

Dave Mastin, Former 16th District Representative 

Senator Hans Zeiger, 25th District

Representative Paul Graves, 5th District

Sam Reed, Former Washington Secretary of State

Dan Mildon, Kennewick

Myron Huie, Walla Walla City Council

Jerry Cummins, Walla Walla City Council

Jerome Delvin, Benton County Commissioner

Jim Johnson, Walla Walla County Commissioner

Jim Barrow, Former Walla Walla City Council

Humberto Rodriguez, Former Prosser City Council and current business owner

Jim Hayner, Walla Walla

Shannon Bergevin, Walla Walla

Garry Holland, Thurston County Republican Chair

Joe Thomas, Prescott

Larry and Debora Zalaznik, Walla Walla

Georgia Cooper, Walla Walla

Jared Frerichs, Spokane

Jim and Kathy Owsley, Walla Walla

Connie Loomer, Walla Walla

Jan  Torland, Walla Walla

Scott Krivoshein, Walla Walla

Joshua Jaspersen, Walla Walla

Karen Bayne, Walla Walla

Kaelyn Nelson, Walla Walla

Kyle Curtis, Yakima

Brian Standow, Spokane

Tony and Betty Tabor, Walla Walla

Bryan Yon, Tacoma

Russell Wiita, Sultan City Council, 39th LD Republican Chair

Jason Storm, Richmond

Rea Rude, College Place

Doug Darroch, Portland

Jared Frerichs, Spokane

James Reynolds, Louisville 

Alex Dittrich, Camas

Elizabeth Catterson, Olympia

Connie Loomer, Walla Walla

Jane Wierenga, Richland

Derik Sven, Carnation

Linda and Jim Thorne, Walla Walla

Cody Courson, Walla Walla

Davin and Heather Zitterkopf, Walla Walla

Gary and Gail Shelton, Walla Walla

Nancy Riggle, College Place

Sandra Richardson, Walla Walla

Melanie Stewart, Olympia

Warren Talbott, Dayton

Dallas Parr, Richland

Kinzey Davidson, Kennewick

Laurie Wolfram, Walla Walla





  • Association of Washington Business

  • Washington State Farm Bureau

  • Inland NW Associated General Contractors

  • Mainstream Republicans of Washington

  • Benton County Republican Party

  • Children's Campaign Fund

  • Washington Association of Realtors

  • Walla Walla Professional Firefighters - IAFF 404

  • Public School Employees of Washington

  • Washington Hospitality Association

  • Washington Food Industry Association 

  • Washington Affordable Housing Council

  • Washington Physical Therapy PAC

  • National Rifle Association 

  • United Transportation Union/SMART

  • Stand for Children

  • Washington School Retiree's Association

  • Washington Nurses Association - PAC

  • National Association of Social Workers

  • Walla Walla County Republican Party

  • SEIU 775

  • Washington Dairy Families 

  • Franklin County Republican Party

  • Washington Council of Police and Sheriffs

  • National Federation of Independent Business

  • Retired Public Employees Council 


What supporters are saying...


"Skyler’s bipartisan approach to policy will benefit Eastern Washington businesses and families. His legislative experience will be valuable in representing those interests.” - Kim Wyman


"Reducing debt and controlling spending starts with the Legislature. We need fiscal conservatives like Skyler Rude in the House of Representatives." - Duane Davidson


"Skyler has been a real asset to the 16th Legislative district while working for the State House of Representatives and Senate. He is prepared for the challenge and I look forward to working with him." -Representative Bill Jenkin


"I recently had the opportunity to observe and interact with Skyler Rude, candidate for Washington State House District 16 Position 2.  I concluded that he is a hard worker, listens well to differing ideas, has significant conservative ideals in all areas of his previous service and beliefs, and can be expected to serve our district with a high measure of honor and integrity.  He is a strong supporter of our U.S. and Washington State Constitutions and their protections for individual rights.  I also know that he has significant awareness and concern for farm and water issues that are near and dear to the hearts of the 16th District.  I think Skyler shares a Ronald Reagan perspective and can be relied on to push back on those who believe government is the solution rather than the problem.  As can be seen in several initiatives that will be voted on in the coming election, we need a legislator in Olympia that will defend our basic freedoms and business climate from the elitist regressive and oppressive socialist forces.  I am supporting and voting for Skyler Rude for the State Legislature." - Dan Mildon, Kennewick



"I think that Skyler is the best trained and most ready for the job." - Jan  Torland


"Great ideas and leadership; perfect for Walla Walla business and the community at large. Vote for this guy, he'll work hard and you won't ever be disappointed. Two thumbs up!" - Doug Darroch


"Though l will be losing a dedicated and talented Assistant, my loss will be a gain for our district! Skyler has the personality, professionalism, legislative knowledge and experience to effectively represent our region." - Maureen Walsh


"Skyler has the experience, passion, and the will to serve the people." -Nancy Riggle

Yes! I want to endorse Skyler! 

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